Harley Alaska Delivers Debut Single, “Lose You Too”

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Quick Thoughts: As a listener, it’s easy for me to overreact to an artist’s debut single. However, there will often be times where an overreaction is warranted. Whether it’s the artist’s talent, image, or an inexpressible combination of various factors, there are scenarios where I see unmatched potential. Such is the case with Harley Alaska, who just dropped his first single on streaming platforms, “Lose You Too.”

On his debut single, Harley makes an enticing introduction, using his angelic voice combined with laidback, airy pop-production. The track begins with Harley’s vocals gracing an acoustic-guitar progression. He guides the track with clear direction as he moves from section to section, leading up to a hook where filtered vocals fill out the soundscape. If his debut track is telling of what’s to come, Harley is destined for imminent success. Check out “Lose You Too” below: