Connor Kauffman's New Track "Hate You For A Lifetime" is Blowing Up

Quick Thoughts: Connor Kauffman is ending his musical hiatus with a banger. “Hate You For a Lifetime” is the alternative rock song you had no idea you needed in your life. With Kauffman’s passionate vocals laid over slamming guitar instrumentals, it’s no surprise that this song went viral on TikTok prior to release. This is the first release by Connor Kauffman in over a year and it's fantastic to see him get the clout he deserves. At just 19 years old Kauffman is self taught in all aspects of music making. He’s a one man show who sings, songwrites, produces, mixes and masters all of his work straight out of his bedroom. If this is what he can make in his bedroom I can only imagine what he’ll be making in a fully equipped studio. Definitely keep your ears perked for more of Connor Kauffman. Stream On Spotify: