Russ Reiss Releases Incredible Sophomore Single, "headspins"

Quick Thoughts: Having only begun releasing music this year, it’s hard to believe that Russ Reiss’ sound is already so polished and refined. The Utah native has a hard-hitting, upbeat pop style that is sure to get your toe tapping immediately. On his track headspins, Russ effortlessly blends elements of alternative rock, pop, and hip-hop to form an indelible sound that is unique and distinct. Although headspins is only his second single released, it feels like Russ is already in complete control of his craft; he’s got an amazing presence, a real vision, and tremendous execution, thanks in large part to his sharp, incisive vocals, impeccable production, and remarkable songwriting. As he continues to release more music - he’s since released his third single, everything (i need you to know) - I would bet that we’ll see Russ grow and evolve into an even better and more developed artist. He is one of the most impressive new artists of 2021 so far, and I can't wait to hear more music from him shortly. Stream on Spotify: