healer and Holden Miller Team Up for Hazy New Single, "Heat Lamp"

Quick Thoughts: If you’ve followed the career trajectories of healer and Holden Miller, you would likely categorize the past work of the two artists somewhere in the indie-folk space. So, it should come as no surprise that their latest collaboration, the hazy, lo-fi, Still Woozy-inspired single, Heat Lamp, began with a folky piano riff. The final product, however, is a silky smooth, remarkably cozy bedroom pop song. Over the track’s luscious soundscape, the two artists, who made the spontaneous move out to LA during the global pandemic, lament life’s general anxieties. The song’s chorus sees the two reflect on the panicked cycle of lying in bed at night and wondering why you didn’t do more to make the most out of your day. Heat Lamp is well-produced and poignant, showing off an undeniable cohesion between the two roommates. If you haven’t been following what healer and Holden Miller have been doing up to this point, it’s time to start paying attention. These guys are talented and charismatic, and they have a seriously impressive song on their hands. Stream on Spotify: