Séamus Releases New Genre-Bending Single, "Hesitation"

Quick Thoughts: Mysterious, funky, and unique - just a few words to describe Séamus, a singer, songwriter, and producer who hails from the Bay Area. Drawing fans in from all over with his genre-bending pop style, Séamus isn’t afraid to break the rules as he works to develop is own sound and style. With his latest single, Hesitation, Séamus continues this trend. Hesitation is a sleek song that incorporates elements of R&B, pop, and experimental indie into one irresistible package. From his silky smooth vocals to the track’s impeccable production and breezy melodies, Séamus brings a refreshing sound to the pop landscape. I’m really looking forward to seeing Séamus release more music shortly; he’s got such a cool style so early in his career and I can’t wait to watch him continue to develop. Stream on Spotify: