Stephen Sanchez Continues to Shine with Latest Single, "Hold Her While You Can"

Quick Thoughts: I’ve written about Stephen Sanchez before and I’ll continue to do so; he simply does not miss. It feels like we all have been dying for a sound like his: a pop leaning singer-songwriter. He writes thoughtfully and emotionally, while putting together easily listenable acoustic ballads. His latest single, Hold Her While You Can, is one of those songs that I’ll have on repeat for some time to come. With Stephen’s mature lyricism, his silky smooth vocals, and the song’s breezy melodies, this uplifting single cements Sanchez’ reputation as a storyteller and hitmaker. And when the guitar-driven instrumental section comes in a little bit after the song’s three-minute mark, the listener can just close their eyes and enjoy the music. This song is simply blissful. Stream on Spotify: