Jill Blutt Drops Indie R&B Track "Hollywood, MA"

Quick Thoughts: Jill Blutt’s “Hollywood, MA” is a terrifically luscious track filled with Blutt’s velvety R&B vocals laid over a chill hip-hop beat. Blutt claims that she wants her music to evoke the feeling of “crying in the club”. I was trying to come up with the perfect way to describe this song and she took the words right out of my mouth. With such beautiful monotony in her voice, she translates this feeling so well. It’s easy to tell that Blutt creates with intention; she crafts her sound with nodes of nostalgia while remaining in the present and ever-evolving music space.

Jill Blutt is a queer singer/songwriter/producer from New York City. She wrote this song after being inspired by a series of experiences had while living in Boston for a few years. Blutt translates the redundancy of her life there through this song, articulating how several distinct experiences have all blended into one repeating pattern. This is Blutt’s lead single with more to follow throughout 2021 and I’m very down to hear more from her. Stream on Spotify: