Anna Bates Marks Her Arrival with "Holy Smokes"

Quick Thoughts: A 21 year-old singer-songwriter, Anna Bates wastes no time getting you hooked on her latest release, Holy Smokes, an indie-folk masterpiece that will draw comparisons to Mt. Joy due to its irreverent lyricism and irresistible melody. But make no mistake about it - Anna Bates is paving her own way with her remarkable songwriting and presence, which is to say nothing of her vocals. Her voice is high-pitched and breathless, an ethereal combination that has had me listening to this song on repeat since I first heard it. Her sound is raw yet polished, timeless yet refreshing. I can’t shake the feeling that Holy Smokes marks the arrival of a giant. This is my favorite song of the year so far. I can't wait to hear more music from the young songwriter. In the meantime, make sure to check out her TikTok page, where she constantly posts acoustic versions and teases new music (she also referred to herself as "the writer of the Weed Jesus song" in a recent TikTok post as if I needed another reason to be a fan of hers). Stream on Spotify: