Shawn Mathews Releases His Latest Hit, "Honest"

Quick Thoughts: Shawn Mathews is on a hot streak right now. Dating back to October of last year, Mathews has released a string of hit singles, becoming one of the most highly-regarded artists on the independent scene in the process. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native has an effortless, genre-bending style that takes influence from pop, indie, and R&B. With his latest release, Honest, out today, Mathews has another smash hit on his hands. This groovy track arrives just in time for summer, bringing good vibes that perfectly match the warmer weather. Throughout the song, Mathews expresses his feelings for his girlfriend: "I’ll be honest, baby / You got me going crazy / Been high on your love, and I just can’t get enough," he sings throughout the chorus. Honest is a poignant, heartfelt single with a crisp bassline, catchy melodies, and an infectious hook. By the end of your first listen, Mathews will have you dancing along to the rhythm. With each additional release, Mathews just gets better and better. It’s only a matter of time before he absolutely takes off. Stream on Spotify: