Rook Monroe Shows Off Sweet Indie-pop Sound on "Honey"

Quick Thoughts: Rook Monroe, an acclaimed songwriter, has made a name for himself, working with some of music's most talented artists, including Rhianna, Jeremih, and The Chainsmokers, just to name a few. Over the past year, the Grammy-nominated artist released three singles leading up to his debut EP, Californialand. The distinct psychedelic rock influences create a perfect balance of contemporary styles and vintage tones. Honey is a standout single projecting warm, positive energy. The indie-pop tune is carried by a funky bassline and complementary harmonies, delivering an essence of nostalgia. The refrain, "You love who you love. Don't you?" illustrates Monroe’s positive and promising message of love, correlating with the song's upbeat vibe. The track is short but sweet, like honey—a solid and pioneering start for Monroe. Stream on Spotify: