Hunter Moreau Shines on Her New Single “Sleepyhead”

Quick Thoughts: With only three official singles, Hunter Moreau has displayed uncapped potential. She effortlessly hits addictive melodies with her warm, inviting voice over various types of production. It feels like she draws inspiration from a range of genres – folk, soul and bedroom pop elements are prevalent in all of her music. Her tracks are minimalist, leaving ample room for her voice to take control and pleasantly fill your ears.

Her use of filtered vocals and vocoders on her latest single “Sleepyhead” show she’s poised to claim her spot among the surplus of emerging artists in the indie-pop scene. Upbeat drums, ambient guitars, and a steady bass line lay the foundation as she delicately uses pitched up vocals to fill higher frequencies. It’s a promising start to the New Year for Moreau and it sets her up to deliver a stellar follow up single.

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