TITUS BANK Releases Incredible New Single, "I Do Yeah"

Quick Thoughts: It’s not often that you come across a talent as immediately breathtaking as TITUS BANK. Upon my first listen to his latest single, I Do Yeah, I was struck by his powerful vocals, stunning alt-pop style, and overall presence - and then I listened again and again and again. Like all great artists, TITUS BANK demands your attention. The Vancouver native has the rare ability to pair natural melodies with a grandiose sound that evolves throughout this track. In I Do Yeah, TITUS contrasts the blissful, hook-heavy rhythm with a challenging topic: societal pressures and personal growth. I Do Yeah is TITUS BANK’s first official release in nearly two years, but he’s been busy in the meantime, participating in a song-a-day 365 Songwriting Challenge during which he wrote, recorded, and released nearly 200 songs on his YouTube page. There is not a doubt in my mind that TITUS BANK is a star. He is one of the most impressive artists I’ve come across in a long time. It’s not just his talent, but his approach and his story as well that make him so intriguing. I can’t wait for him to release more music. In the meantime, I’m going to take a deep dive into his 365 Songwriting Challenge. I know there will be some absolute gems in there. Stream on Spotify: