Rachael Jenkins Releases Unforgettable Sophomore Single, "I Don't Know"

Quick Thoughts: Following her acclaimed debut single Untitled, Utah-based singer/songwriter Rachael Jenkins pulls on our heartstrings once again in her second single I Don’t Know as she sorts through feelings of uncertainty. The track draws you in with tasteful, soft piano and builds in intensity with atmospheric reverb. Jenkins exhibits an honest and reflective vulnerability, revealing her inner consciousness to the world. Intimate and pensive, her style bears resemblance to that of indie-pop icon Phoebe Bridgers, especially in vocal tone, lyrical structure, and specificity. She explains the personal significance behind her lyrics:

“I wrote this track as an attempt to explain what goes on inside my brain when I'm feeling overwhelmed and afraid. I frequently feel like I don't know what I'm doing in life, like I'm an imposter who doesn't deserve what I have. I get insecure and filled with self-doubt when I'm unsure of which step to take because trusting myself is difficult.”

Jenkins’ vocal talent is striking; she showcases skillful control and beautiful intonation all while singing with raw emotion. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jenkins as she continues to develop and master her captivating sound. Stream on Spotify: