Charlie Houston Releases Debut EP, "I Hate Spring"

Quick Thoughts: It’s only May, but we can safely say that Charlie Houston is one of the breakout artists of the year. Earlier this year, the Toronto native released her debut single, Calls, before also dropping Things, leaving no doubt that she is a star. Little did we know, she was just getting started. Last week, Charlie released her first EP, I Hate Spring. The five-song project - which features both Calls and Things - is impressive throughout, thanks to Charlie’s powerful, stirring vocals and distinct, R&B-infused pop sound. The project’s standout track, ‘19,’ is a beautiful, soulful song about how overwhelming life can be as a teenager. With infectious guitar licks, introspective lyricism, and impeccable production, 19 is a song that will stop you right in your tracks. Charlie is one of the most special artists we’ve come across in recent memory, and I Hate Spring is an incredible debut project. No matter what you have going on today, take the time to listen to the EP all the way through; we’re willing to bet you’ll have a few new songs in rotation. Stream on Spotify: