Russ Reiss Releases Latest Hit, "i like u"

Quick Thoughts: Russ Reiss has had an incredible 2021. The Park City-bred, LA-based singer-songwriter has just begun releasing music on streaming services this year, but he has quickly begun to establish himself as a force on the independent music scene with his incisive punk style. Over his short career, Russ has already grabbed our attention several times, thanks to his thoughtful songwriting, infectious melodies, and his cutting vocals. With his latest release, i like u, Russ continues to shine with his youthfully energetic, hook-heavy, narrative-driven style. On i like u, Russ tells the relatable story of two people who are interested in one another but too scared to actually say it out loud. It’s yet another suggestion that Russ has some serious star power - he’s got the talent to complement his easily-listenable, hard-hitting singles with really thoughtful storytelling. Russ Reiss is gearing up for a massive 2022; stay tuned. Stream on Spotify: