Comfort Club Re-Releases "i tell my therapist about u" Into Indie-Pop Banger

Quick Thoughts: As the calendar year begins to wind down, I can’t help but reflect on the artists who have really broken onto the scene over the past 12 months. One such artist is Comfort Club, an LA-based singer-songwriter whose vulnerable songwriting and catchy melodies are impossible not to love. With his latest single, i tell my therapist about u, he continues to shine and connect with his fans, as he openly discusses the importance of going to therapy and how it can help to make relationships stronger and more stable. One of my favorite things about Comfort Club is that he’s not afraid to touch on heavy topics - he is relatable and open, an incredible songwriter who will have you singing along to the choruses of his songs at the top of your love. And i tell my therapist about u is no different - you’re going to love this song. Stream on Spotify: