Ida Maria Drops New Hit Single, “Dirty Money”

Quick Thoughts: Ida Maria is a breath of fresh air. Her music is fiery and energetic – her voice alone will bring life to the most mundane instrumentals. Hailing from Norway, Ida fuses an authentic punk-rock style with catchy hooks to create songs that will get stuck in your head for hours. As you listen, you might find yourself travelling back to the early 2000s – when punk-rock was at its peak.

Fresh off the release of her 2021 debut track, “I’m Busy,” she has returned with her new single titled, “Dirty Money.” Ida wastes no time introducing herself – her powerful, charismatic voice leads the track from the very first second. You’ll need to play “Dirty Money” at least a few times to fully appreciate Ida’s work: she’s got an immense amount of talent and it’s on full display here. Stream on Spotify: