IGIR Woodiee Takes Listeners on a Soulful Ride with His Latest Release, “Sunrise”

Quick Thoughts: Of all musical genres, rap has seen the biggest swing in trends since it’s inception 50 years ago. Nowadays, as artists draw inspiration from the mainstream, you often find a handful of artists who sound like someone you already know. There are artists who will bend their styles to fit the times, and then there are artists who will stick to their style no matter what’s in the mainstream. IGIR Woodiee is part of the latter group, and his music feels authentic and natural.

On IGIR Woodiee’s most recent release, Sunrise, you’ll find him alternating between singing and rapping, both of which he does with impressive melody. His natural voice is raspy and endearing, while his lyrics are honest and authentic. Over the chill, guitar-driven track, IGIR Woodiee invites you to join him on a trip through his conscience. It’s the perfect song to get you ready for summer and you’ll likely keep it on rotation after hearing it once.

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