iLY Kuro Releases Genre-Bending Rap Track "Daphne"

Quick Thoughts: 2021 has been a remarkable year for iLY Kuro, and rightfully so. Starting off strong, his first release got placements on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists. Falling short in no way is his most recent release “Daphne”. “Daphne” is right on trend with the emo-pop sound that is huge right now. iLY Kuro, however, has no problem distinguishing himself from the rest. The true grit in his voice portrays such passion in this story. “Daphne” is about two people in a relationship who are unable to be fully present in each other's company. At just 18 years old, this Manchester native has the sonic maturity of an industry veteran. Triggering an emotional response through music is difficult to say the least. iLY Kuro does this with ease from the moment you press play until the music fades out. iLY Kuro has been making music seriously for only about a year, I can only imagine what’s in store from iLY Kuro. Stream On Spotify: