Scoobert Doobert Levels Up with New Single, "I'm an Idiot"

Quick Thoughts: Scoobert Doobert has quietly been putting together a really impressive body of work, building up a deep catalogue and developing a signature sound in the process. With his latest offering, the San Diego native shows off an infectious, genre-bending indie-pop style, marked by psychedelic guitar riffs, impeccably funky production, and poetic songwriting. I’m an idiot sees Scoobert Doobert take a thoughtful approach to self-reflection; he explains, “I’m an idiot is a reflection of self-doubt turned into self-love.” Make no mistake about it, Scoobert Doobert is setting a remarkably high standard with this track - but I get the feeling that he’s up to the task. Throughout his entire discography, he has improved with quite literally every song. If you dig I’m an Idiot, you should absolutely check out the rest of his music - there’s a ton of quality there. Scoobert Doobert is up to something special. Stream on Spotify: