In.Drip. Drops Comeback Single "TEXAS"

Quick Thoughts: In.Drip. comes back with a bang, dropping his latest single TEXAS. With his EP nosebleeds released just under a year ago, In.Drip.’s comeback single was well worth the wait. Starting off with airy guitar strums and warm vocals, In.Drip. creates a blissfully pleasant soundscape. Venturing into the chorus In.Drip. sings “You know I put my favorite record on, and it’s Neil Young so that I feel young”. This line that seems to roll off his tongue with ease actually packs a lot of meaning. It’s about fighting for a relationship in order to reject the reality of growing up. In.Drip. knew exactly what he wanted to portray as an artist on the comeback, and he truly rose to the occasion with “TEXAS”. Stream On Spotify: