Holden Miller's Latest Release Is Well Worth the Wait

Quick Thoughts: Singer-songwriter Holden Miller makes it look easy. The Long Island native recently made the move out west to LA, and has since been busy working on his craft. With the release of his latest single, In My Heart, out today, Miller once again proves to be a remarkable songwriter, as he conveys his emotions beautifully throughout the track. Miller says that he first began writing this song nearly a year and a half ago; at that time, he only had a ukulele riff and the song’s opening line. All this time later, he has turned In My Heart into an energetic, pop-leaning folk hit that combines his soft, captivating vocals with his sweet, introspective lyricism. Throughout the track’s two minute runtime, Miller’s vocals and storytelling build alongside the stellar production of Bryce Waitkus. In My Heart is Miller’s first release in almost a year, and it is well worth the wait. He plans to drop a ton of music in the coming months, and we can’t wait to hear all of it. Stream on Spotify: