Tvlormvde Levels Up with "(Intro) 713)

Quick Thoughts: If there’s one thing that I love to see from an artist, it’s growth. Tvlormvde first caught my attention this past summer with his single, Sakura, a fun, vibey track that immediately reminded me of Lil Uzi Vert. However, with (Intro) 713, the Houston native shows off a real, undeniable artistry, as he delivers an ode to his hometown. With the track’s clean production, an infectious rhythm, and strong lyricism, Tvlormvde really levels up in my opinion, beginning to pave his own lane and starting to show why he’s so highly regarded. There's just a real maturity about this song. He’s got a real vision, and I believe that this song is a sign of big things to come. With his new project out today, “Smile for My Friends & Cry Later,” Tvlormvde continues to show why he’s an artist to watch heading into the new year. Stream on Spotify: