is this how it all falls apart? - dylxn

With just a few songs out on streaming services, dylxn has quickly made a name for himself on the independent scene. The Milwaukee native caught our attention at the tail end of 2021 when he teamed up with Atlas in Motion for his single, You Shouldn’t Be Here. It was a seriously impressive single, as dylxn made clear that he would be an artist to watch for some time to come.

But it didn’t take long for dylxn to completely level up. Just last week, he released his fourth record, is this how it all falls apart?, a deft and vulnerable single that shows just how talented he is. The song evokes an incredible amount of emotion: starting from the song’s very first note, dylxn draws the listener in, inviting them to feel with him, to understand the very anguish that he’s going through at the moment.

Throughout the track, dylxn shows off just how incredible of an artist he really is. I have long felt that any artist who can make a listener truly feel is special, and dylxn is no exception. On is this how it all falls apart?, dylxn parses through internal and external conflicts simultaneously as he explores his own mental state and the effects it has on relationships around him. The song carries so much weight, it’s genuine and real.

I won’t lie - this song had a real impact on me. I’ve listened to this song a few dozen times over the last week, and with each additional listen I find that the song brings me a bit more comfort. is this how it all falls apart? is one of those holy shit songs that hits you like a damn truck. And that’s a testament to dylxn’s full-bodied artistry: he writes, records, produces, and mixes all of his own music.

dylxn has only been taking music seriously for a little bit over a year. If his growth over that time is any indication, he’ll just continue to get better and better as he releases more music. I, for one, cannot wait to see what else he releases throughout the year. Until then, I’ll continue to come back to is this how it all falls apart? time and time again.

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