j. pastel Has Vibes for Days on New EP, "Cutting Magazines"

Quick Thoughts: It’s hard to describe j. pastel’s new EP, “Cutting Magazines” without using the word vibe. The NYC/Chicago duo share a passion for escapism in music, and this shines through across the entire five-song project, a wholly enjoyable, eclectic body of work. While the project's first three tracks -Senegal, Strawberry Lemonade, and Holy War - were all released in 2020, the final two tracks, Wait a Minute and Avalanche were released within the last few weeks.

On Wait a Minute, the jazzy electric guitar progression and feathery vocals create an airy and uplifting environment for listeners. j. pastel keeps things interesting with a classic EDM head bobbing post-chorus. The blend of smooth RnB verses with more groovy, upbeat instrumentals results in a complete musical escape, making Wait a Minute the perfect track to simply vibe out to.

Avalanche is a fun, vibey pop-infused track that is sure to be playing on repeat as the weather gets warmer. With an upbeat, toe tapping sound, this is a song perfect for dancing and hanging out outside. Stream the whole project on Spotify:

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