Jack Omstead Releases New Bop, "Magic Jack"

Quick Thoughts: Jack Omstead has made a hell of an impression on the independent music scene since he began releasing music on streaming services in April of last year. In those eleven months, Jack has become well-known for his energetic, fun-loving pop music. His latest release, Magic Jack, out today, is yet another example of why the Toronto native is so special. In the first of the track’s catchy verses, Omstead sings, “It’s not Magic Mike, it’s Magic Jack / Let me run around your body like I’m 1500 track / Let me dribble on your torso like I’m 1990s Shaq.” With his unforgettable delivery and clever lyrics, Omstead has a way of making the romantic seem playful. Magic Jack is a straight bop; after just a few listens, you’ll be singing the lyrics right along with Omstead. Although it’s still only March, we can already tell that this track will be playing on repeat all summer long. Stream on Spotify:

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