Jackson Lee Morgan Releases Relatable Pop Track, "wayside"

Quick Thoughts: Jackson Lee Morgan perfectly crafts an edgy indie vibe on his latest release, wayside. wayside tells the relatable story of being imperfect and confused in our hectic world. Morgan proves his mastery at translating his raw emotions through his music and connecting with his audience. As he belts, “We’re a little messed up / we’re a little all right,” he creates a space where you feel like it’s okay to breakdown any facade that’s been suffocating you. The powerful guitar chords only add to this feeling of bold exposition. The minute-long instrumental segment that closes out the song gives a nice amount of time to really let his powerful lyrics marinate in your thoughts.

This song is perfect for that lonely late-night drive when life is taking a toll on you. wayside is Morgan’s latest addition to an impressive catalogue of alt-pop singles. For such a new artist, he already sounds so established in the indie/alternative landscape. It won’t be long until Jackson Lee Morgan is on par with similar-sounding artists like blackbear and Jeremy Zucker. Morgan is planning to drop more music throughout 2021, and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Stream wayside on Spotify:

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For Fans of: blackbear, Jeremy Zucker