JAKOBI Releases New Hit Single, “IOS 14”

Quick Thoughts: Independent artist, JAKOBI, has started this year off with a bang. He’s released four singles in the span of four months, each more impressive than the last. It’s clear that he is aware of current trends within hip-hop, as we have seen him experiment with smooth melodies over somber guitar-driven beats. However, he has a very distinct voice that you will be able to recognize amongst the surplus of talent out there.

On his most recent track, IOS 14, JAKOBI shows his innate ability to create great hooks. You’ll probably need a second listen (at least) to appreciate his talent and you’ll likely be singing along with him after listening a third time. If the beginning of this year is telling of what is to come from the up and coming rapper, we definitely won’t be disappointed with his future releases. Be on the look out for JAKOBI as he continues to make a name for himself.

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