Andreas Vey Releases Wistful New Single, "Joanna"

Quick Thoughts: Andreas Vey quickly draws the listener in on his single, Joanna, with his absolutely breathtaking vocals. Showing off an uncanny range, Vey casually shows off an unforgettable falsetto, while telling the intimate story of a relationship with an ex-girlfriend. The track is reminiscent and melancholy, as Vey works through the break up and comes to terms with the fact that the relationship is over. Vey is a captivating storyteller, with the unique ability to level with listeners from the beginning of a song. Across a smooth, indie rock soundscape, Vey manages to tell this story thoughtfully, while also putting together a beautifully polished track. Joanna is a part of Vey’s new EP, “Things I Might Never Know,” a wonderfully cohesive five-song project. If you dig Joanna, I highly recommend checking out the entire project. Stream on Spotify: