Jordan Hawkins Fuses Pop and Soul on Latest Single, “Risky”

Quick Thoughts: On his new single, “Risky,” the uber-talented Jordan Hawkins takes listeners on a soulful, pop-infused ride. For a 24-year-old artist, his sound is very mature. He uses each instrument with intentionality, letting his voice tie all the loose ends together. The track starts off with an unassuming guitar riff before Hawkins drops into his first verse. Diving into the hook, Hawkins already has a masterpiece on his hands. While his weightless vocals guide the track, the production holds him down perfectly – letting him float freely and experiment with plenty of ear-catching melodies. I can hear a few of his inspirations in the track – he blends elements of Anderson Paak’s cool, groovy vibe and Prince’s raw energy to create a sound that’s unique and irresistible. Check out his latest track below: