Joshoo Drops New Summer Anthem, “Slip and Slide”

Quick Thoughts: With only five songs on streaming platforms, Joshoo provides a refreshing and addictive sound for listeners. He has incredible range with his voice, while his production always seems to perfectly complement his style. Having released three tracks this year, Joshoo has defiantly stepped onto the scene and makes a strong case to be one of the breakout artists of the year. He’s quickly developed as an artist, honing in on what separates him from other artists in the indie space. Now, with his most recent release, “Slip and Slide,” he’s claiming the right to be on everyone’s favorite summer playlist.

Released on July 30th, “Slip and Slide” shows Joshoo’s remarkable talent as a singer-songwriter. He tastefully balances keys, guitars, and brass instruments throughout the track, seamlessly transitioning between sections to create a track that never stops evolving. As a whole, the track is funky and unpredictable: it seems to wander at times, yet never loses sight of where it’s going. Don’t miss out on Joshoo – he will certainly be an artist to watch for the next couple of years. Stream on Spotify: