Kai Straw Delivers Soulful New Single, “Bleeding Out in the 415”

Quick Thoughts: If you haven’t already heard of Kai Straw, it’s time you get acquainted with him. He’s beyond talented and the combination of his angelic voice and production will leave you immersed in the moment. Since losing his job as a nightclub manager due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has embarked on his career as a full time musician. This year alone, Kai has released three very impressive singles and at this rate, it won’t be long before he drops a full-length project.

On his most recent release, Bleeding Out in the 415, which is out today, Kai draws you in immediately. His voice is accompanied by soulful keys and steady drums, which makes for an incredible listening experience. The song takes you through several sections, and while it never quite drops, Kai will hold your attention for the duration of it. Upon listening, you might draw comparisons between Kai and Hozier: their voices are powerful, their instrumentation is simple, yet intricate, and they are fantastic storytellers. All this goes to say, we are excited to watch Kai develop as an artist and hope you join him for the ride.