Stephen Sanchez Releases Stunning Sophomore Single, "Kayla"

Quick Thoughts: Rarely does an artist come storming onto the scene like Stephen Sanchez did last year with his unforgettable debut single, Lady by the Sea. Between his poetic lyricism, stunning vocals, and acoustic arrangements, Stephen proved to be a star in the making. Finally, a year later, Sanchez returns with his sophomore single, Kayla. Teaming up with producer Ian Fitchuck (Kacey Musgraves), the 18 year-old shows off a polished sound and a maturity well beyond his years; his voice exudes emotion and passion as he sings about an unrequited love. Sanchez says that he wanted this track to change the way people perceive love, explaining, “With this song I hope people are brought back to a child-like innocence all love has at its core and that the lyrics would ‘hit-home’ enough for someone to look at love with a little more heart.” Now with two remarkable singles under his belt, Stephen plans to drop his debut EP shortly. If these two tracks are any indication, his first full-length project will be nothing short of special. Stephen Sanchez is an incredible talent. Stream on Spotify: