Kevin Holliday Releases Jaw-Dropping EP, OMNI

Quick Thoughts: There are no words to describe the wide-range of talent that Kevin Holliday has put on full display with his latest EP, OMNI. We were already aware of the musical potential Holliday had from his lengthy roster of funky-fresh singles. OMNI only confirms that Kevin Holliday is a world-beating talent ready to take over the industry. Each track on the EP embodies a unique quality, yet they all come together to form a fabulously cohesive vibe.

The EP starts off with “Regrets”, my personal favorite. The steady groove in this track is simply intoxicating. Much like the other singles on the track, “Regrets” explores a variety of sonic manipulation. From basic drum beats to alien-like laser sounds, it’s easy to tell Holliday saw no limits in his artistic vision while producing this project. He has no business being this damn good. Kevin Holliday is a jaw-dropping talent and I can’t wait to see him continue to release music and develop as an artist. Stream On Spotify: