William Hinson and Noah Floersch Team Up for New Single, "Kitchen Talk"

Quick Thoughts: William Hinson has quite the resume for a rising artist. The self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist has racked up millions of streams on his 2020 debut album Everything Will Be Ok, launching him to the top of Qore’s independent artist radar. For his first release of 2021, Hinson teams up with charismatic singer/songwriter Noah Floersch on Kitchen Talk, a fun, playful, lo-fi pop song that shows off Hinson’s authentic production. After one listen through of Kitchen Talk, it’s clear that Floersch and Hinson’s styles are perfect for sharing a song. Their contrasting vocal tones are both laid-back and lighthearted, allowing the duo to mesh well while also keeping listeners engaged. Kitchen Talk is the perfect feel-good song for winding down the night with your friends. Stream on Spotify:

Hinson pictured above; Floersch pictured below.