Lance Redeker Drops Indie-Pop Bop, "Truman"

Quick Thoughts: Only 18 years old, Lance Redeker is just getting started. He has only been releasing music since September of last year, but he already seems to be in total control of his craft. When Redeker released Keys, a genre-bending track that infused elements of jazz and alternative R&B, back in December, we knew that he had something special going on. His latest release, Truman is a hazy, hook-heavy indie-pop song that features a toe-tapping melody and Redeker’s luscious vocals. Taking inspiration from the Truman Show, the Bay Area native proves once again to be an exceptional lyricist capable of penning a thematic, imagery-driven narrative throughout a song. With the release of this track, Lance shows off another side of himself musically that is just as captivating as that sound we first fell in love with. It is remarkable to see such a young artist so comfortable across different genres and sounds. As he continues to develop, it’ll be fascinating to see where he ultimately ends up sonically. We can’t wait to hear more from Lance shortly. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: Keys, Calvin's

For Fans of: Dijon, Rex Orange County