Landon Conrath’s Latest Single “Static” Highlights His Stellar Singer-Songwriter Ability

Quick Thoughts: Hailing from Minneapolis, emerging indie-pop artist Landon Conrath has a penchant for writing upbeat, guitar-driven tracks; he has all of the keys needed to break into mainstream. While his music is certainly rooted in pop music, he keeps things fresh and differentiates himself with layered guitar melodies. His voice and his guitar progressions work in harmony, bouncing ideas off of each other in playful unison, and each of his tracks have sections where they will really catch your ear.

On his latest single “Static,” which is the newest addition to the project that Landon is curating before our eyes, he picks up exactly where left off with “2AM.” Since its release exactly on December 17th, the track has performed well – picking up over 35K streams on Spotify alone. Everything that Landon has demonstrated in past releases is present, from the weightless melodies to the constant, catchy guitar tones that always set the foundation for his music.

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