C.Shreve the Professor Blesses Us with Some Old-School Flow on “Let It Go”

Quick Thoughts: There are hardly any emerging rappers who have more unique origin stories than C.Shreve the Professor. At first glance I thought his stage name was nothing more than a vibey title, but after doing a quick background check I realized that this dude was actually a fucking professor. Can you imagine one of your college professors deciding to hand in the books and become a full time MC? Resigning from his day job at Appalachian State University as a senior lecturer in the school’s public health department in 2019, Professor Shreve has been devoting all his energy to his music career since, and he’s been killing it.

His latest release, Let It Go, is a perfect portrayal of his sound. A true lyricist and conscious rapper, Shreve harnesses a vibe most definitely inspired by the OG’s. His flow mirrors some of my personal favorites - Redman, Method Man, and even a hint of Joey Bada$$ in there - the rough and rhythmic rappers of New York. Combine that with an old-school sampled beat like the one on Let It Go and you’ll inevitably get some rap magic - the kind of sound you can’t help but bob your head to. It’s relieving to hear emerging rappers who still embrace the lyricism and rhythmic flow that once dominated and truly created the genre. We hope to hear some more groundbreaking releases from the professor himself this year, and encourage you to listen to this track ASAP. Stream on Spotify: