Waller Releases Summery Sophomore Single, "Like a Child"

Quick Thoughts: Telling a story as old as time, Waller's sophomore single, Like a Child, is a ballad that delivers an essence of summer nostalgia. The introductory rhythm guitar tempered by a low pass filter immediately calibrates the track's classic, light-hearted vibe. Fueled by lush harmonies, bright pianos, and retro-toned guitars, Like a Child builds triumphantly throughout the track’s nearly four-minute runtime. Waller's melancholy yet optimistic lyricism creates a feeling of serenity, illustrated when he sings, "What I see is not in vain, for the soul inside you lights my way."

As a sophomore release, Like a Child embodies a much more exuberant, soul-stirring production style, carried by a significant arrangement in comparison to his debut, the way she understand. However, there are traces of similarities between the two tracks, especially with the smooth slide guitar, creating a breezy summer vibe. Waller’s production is reminiscent of Jason Mraz's acoustic pop style, as he conveys a light heart, easily listenable sound. Only two singles in, I’m loving what I’m seeing from Waller, and I can’t wait to hear more. Stream on Spotify: