Liz Brasher Brings Distinct Southern Sound on New Track, "Never Alone"

Quick Thoughts: Memphis-based Liz Brasher shows once again that the rising star of the New South will unapologetically create her own flavor of music with Never Alone. The track opens with light church organ notes, invoking memories of the Old South, which is then exacerbated by Brasher’s Dolly Parton-like harmonizing for the first verse.

Come the chorus the music elevates to a ballad, with Brasher’s vocals getting deeper and stronger. The organ is replaced by robust piano chords, booming drums and somber violin notes. The bridge isolates Brasher’s vocals, accompanied only by claps, drums, and utilizing the guitar to create percussive sounds, a staple of classic Country music. It’s a dynamic track with familiar lyrics that still manages to create a new feeling of longing with its sound. Stream on Spotify:

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