Sol.Luna Teams Up with Savii for New Summer Heater, "Location"

Quick Thoughts: I don’t know if Sol.Luna’s goal was to create a summer bop, but that’s exactly what he managed to do in his latest release, Location. An upbeat track with an infectious beat, Location already feels like it’ll be playing on repeat all summer long. It’s got the perfect mix of hard-hitting bars and hook-heavy melodies. Teaming up with his childhood buddy, Savii, Sol.Luna has a HEATER on his hands here with this track. Location should be an automatic add to your summer playlist; it’ll hit at the beach, while driving around late at night, or while going out with friends. If this is the first you’re hearing of Sol.Luna, make sure to check out some more of his music, he’s got an impressively deep catalogue full of some other really great tracks. Stream on Spotify: