Lévyne Releases New Pop Hit, "Losing Sleep"

Quick Thoughts: Lévyne quickly draws listeners in with her easygoing, irresistible pop sound. The New Zealand-based singer and producer’s sound is so polished, marked by her standout production and her breathtaking vocals. With her latest release, Losing Sleep, Lévyne shows off her full range of talent. Her hook-heavy pop style, ear for melody, and thematic songwriting stand out on this track, as she establishes herself as a name to watch heading into 2022. Throughout the song, she reflects on her healing process, acknowledging her personal growth in the process. It’s relatable and profound, the type of pop song that is engaging and repeat-worthy. Lévyne is really doing something special right now. Her sound is awesome and her full-scope artistry is simply really cool. Her music exudes quality. I’m incredibly impressed. Stream on Spotify: