SGE Kash Teams Up with Lil Poppa for New Single, "Lost Letters"

Quick Thoughts: SGE Kash is doing the damn thing right now. The Baltimore native, who has been releasing music on streaming platforms since 2019, has put together a seriously impressive body of work to this point. Kash teamed up with Lil Poppa for his latest release, Lost Letters, a single that shows off his full range of talent. Kash shines on this single, as he confronts his inner demons with raw songwriting and his trademark crooning vocal delivery. Kash truly has it all: he’s an incredible lyricist and vocalist, capable of projecting his full emotions with ease and comfort. Throughout this single, he tackles heavy topics with confidence and authenticity, the mark of a true artist. And that’s to say nothing of Kash’s ear for melody. With a remarkable flow and an effortless style, he draws the listener in as he tells his story of growing up in Baltimore. SGE Kash is an artist through and through; Lost Letters is a must-listen track. Stream on Spotify: