OSKA Releases Heartbreaking Pop Ballad, "Lousy T-Shirt"

Quick Thoughts: The Vienna-based indie-pop singer, OSKA, has been putting us all in our feelings ever since her debut release, Come Home, in 2019. Her brilliant songwriting and soothing vocals are a perfect combination for bringing out the emotions of her listeners. After her recent success from her EP, Honeymoon Phase, OSKA is back at it again with a new single, Lousy T-Shirt, out today. The song throws you into the perspective of someone who just got out of a bad relationship, but can’t seem to stop thinking about what went wrong. While OSKA’s lyrics may paint a picture of pain and regret, her wonderful tone will fill you up with a sense of hope and optimism for better days. We are super excited to see the success of this release and what OSKA’s directions are for the future, but for now, don’t be afraid to dive deep into her catalogue of comforting and heart-touching records. Stream on Spotify: