H3x Releases the Perfect Summer Anthem "Love Myself"

Quick Thoughts: If you’re looking for the perfect summer anthem, you’ve come to the right place. H3x’s latest release, Love Myself, is a blend of upbeat pop and electronic that come together to create an earworm of a song that won’t leave your car speakers all summer long. The rhythm and beats of the song are only complemented by H3x’s bright and inviting vocals.

I think everyone can relate to the message of Love Myself. H3x keeps it real and illustrates what it feels like to be insecure and vulnerable as a result of the mindless scrolling we do all day long. It’s easy to hear the genuine pain in his voice when he sings, “Just want my thoughts back to where they used to be.” Most artists like to brand themselves in a way that creates a facade they can hide behind when they experience these vulnerable moments. H3x has proved he isn't like that. He is transparent and real - it’s refreshing. H3x is definitely an artist you want to start following right now. Stream on Spotify: