Luke Royalty's "I Do" Shows Why He’s Destined for Success

Quick Thoughts: Warm, inviting, and curious. Those are just a few words to describe Luke Royalty’s infectious voice. Hailing from the North East of England, Luke only has a few songs on streaming platforms, but all of them are delicately layered masterpieces. He’s a singer-songwriter whose production perfectly complements his natural voice. In practice, nothing about his music feels forced or out of place, which is fully apparent on his hit single, “I Do.”

His authenticity shines through on the track, as he calmly takes listeners on a melancholy journey through his conscious. Relaxed guitar progressions and catchy drum patterns sustain the perfect level of energy, but it’s Luke’s voice that steals the show. By the second time I heard the hook, I was convinced I was listening to the next Tom Misch – that’s how good Luke is. Yet, there’s something more honest about Luke’s music. From his lyrics to production, it’s clear that Luke has a clear vision of his style. We’re excited to watch him evolve as an artist and can’t wait to see what’s next. Take a few minutes to listen to “I Do” below: