Em Glasser Drops Funky Pop Track

Quick Thoughts: A big part of making it in the music industry is becoming a master of pop culture and wholly understanding the inner workings of what it takes to succeed in such an impenetrable business. Em Glasser is no stranger to all of this. Joining the music industry from the world of modeling, Em translated her playful self into her music perfectly- especially on her latest single “Luv”. With funky, upbeat instrumentals and dreamy vocals, “Luv” brings 90’s texture with a modern-day pop twist.

Growing up on the beaches of Miami, Em tries to create music with sounds of her childhood to add nostalgia and depth to her tracks. She actually tries to incorporate and reflect soundscapes of all the cities she's lived in. From Miami to Vienna, and now Berlin, her music has great character. Em Glasser has multiple singles and EP’s out, and if I were you, I’d start listening. Stream on Spotify: