MachGang Drops Melodic Trap Piece "Simp"

Quick Thoughts: The issue with using synths on a rap track is that most rappers just end up sounding like an off-brand Playboi Carti. It takes a very talented individual to dominate a synth heavy rap track. MachGang is one of those talented individuals. With his passionate and commanding flow, MachGang doesn’t even come close to getting lost in the sauce on his latest release “Simp”. “Simp” is an upbeat, melodic trap song that is a great asset to your hype rap playlist. Listening to his six other singles, it’s awesome to hear MachGang really growing into his sound. At just 19 years old MachGang has got real power in his voice. “Simp” is the type of track that begins to move the needle for artists- I know that this won’t be the last time we hear about MachGang. Stream On Spotify: