Evan Blair Releases New Indie-Pop Gem, "Make My Bed"

Quick Thoughts: One of my favorite things to see from an artist is a well-executed artistic vision. On his latest release, Make My Bed, Evan Blair set out to do two things: venture off in a new sonic direction and write a love song that didn’t feel like a typical love song. Making use of a sound that falls somewhere between indie and bedroom pop, Evan pairs his timeless melodies with a thoughtful extended metaphor, as he grapples with loneliness and yearns for companionship. The song is breezy and introspective all at once, a beautiful combination of qualities that shows off Evan’s wide range of abilities. His second release of 2021, Evan is starting to show some real star power. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him as he continues to release more music. Stream on Spotify: