Bryn Returns with Vulnerable New Single, "Making Monsters"

Quick Thoughts: I’m always a big fan of truly progressive artists. There’s something about an artist who isn’t afraid to be different, to challenge conventions, and to push boundaries. Well, we’ve found one: Bryn, a Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter who is one of the most captivating artists we’ve come across this year. With her most recent release, Making Monsters, Bryn faces her anxiety head on. She explains, “It’s a song that was written in a time where I was so used to the cycle of falling in and falling out of love - so used to deifying and demonizing my lovers - that I was caught in a constant riptide of unease.” Making Monsters is Bryn’s first release since 2019, but if this single is any indication of the direction she’ll be headed in throughout the new year, we’re in for a treat. Making Monsters is a thematic, hook-heavy, remarkably polished song that shows off Bryn’s full range of talent. From her songwriting to her stunning vocals to her ear for melody, Bryn has it all. I can’t wait to hear more music from her shortly. Stream on Spotify: